2014 was a great year for BuzzyDoc and the most interesting reasons we were not realized until 2015, when we began moving towards developing a clinical version of our software to take advantage of the policy changes that were rapidly taking place.  BuzzyDoc was the first to offer a complete consumer relationship platform and happened to be one of the few companies set to benefit from the year the Affordable Care Act came online, one of the most dynamic statutes of all time.  Practices and providers of all sizes were left looking for ways to motivate patients to comply with their prescribed care plans.  The only researchers that reached out to share in our excitement was Advisory Board, a company focused on spotting innovation and opportunity in health care and education. In order to understand why we shared so much in common, which we will explain in further detail later, we would need to first explain what Advisory Board is, and how we got introduced.

The Advisory Board | BuzzyDoc consumer relationship platform

The Advisory Board describes itself as:

“(We are) a best practices firm that uses a combination of research, technology, and consulting to improve the performance of health care organizations around the world.

We forge and find the best new ideas and proven practices from across our vast network of leaders. Then we customize and hardwire them into every level of your organization, creating enduring value.”

After my meeting the directors of research and technology, I discovered that they are a unique mix of 3 different companies in one (a hybrid).

  1. Research:They offer subscriptions to premium research services and the presentations and booklets they put together are a compilation of over 6 months of hard work.
  2. Technology: As a hub for research, the company is often the first to discover a need.  When others are still searching for options, the technology section of the business is often looking to partner with great products to deliver needed solutions to their clients.
  3. Consulting: Staying ahead of the industry provides the consulting team with everything they need to stay the thought leaders in the space.  With hundreds of consultants, Advisory Board is able to employe dedicated staff to each of their small and large enterprise clients.

Each of the teams have grown organically as hospitals and large practices have faced huge change.  In fact, the health industry has changed the most over the last 37 years they have been in business.  Each of the business units has firepower that most research, technology or consulting companies (individually) only dream of achieving.  They are all working together towards several shared goals and they are in a unique position to stay aware of what they need to do to be ahead of the market.

Advisory Board reached out to BuzzyDoc in mid-2016, to be a part of a deeper research project their team was performing on how the rise of consumerism was affecting health care.  The title of their presentation, in fact, was “The Consumer Relationship Platform.”  BuzzyDoc’s focus as the pioneer in health care gamification was going to be publicly recognized as a leader and would put almost a decade of research and development on a national stage for the next year.  This attention is thanks to some of the research team member’s choosing to involve our company in presentations and subscriptions their executive members belong to within their organization.  We were more than honored.  We also highly endorse their subscription business and recommend that anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve should consider applying by clicking here https://www.advisory.com/research/about-our-research-and-insights or by sending an email on this page here https://www.advisory.com/contact-us.

As BuzzyDoc seeks for new ways to establish detailed profiling opportunities with companies at the forefront of topics such as this, we are proud to also mention some of the new markets we are diving into along with the necessary products we are building to support them.  Please comment on this blog post any ideas you have, or places you feel we should reach out to in order to get the word out about what we are doing.

*Advisory Board and the Advisory Board Logo are registered trademarks owned by The Advisory Board Company. The Advisory Board Company does not sponsor, endorse, or promote any products and/or services of BuzzyDoc.