Why Audiology is Unique

Your audiology office is loyalty and retail based so your rewards program should support those goals. With close partners in the audiology, we have been able to mold the most effective rewards program templates for your industry. These templates will allow for an easy roll out implementation while still delivering on all the areas that are most important to your office.

Your Audiology Program Will Focus On:

  • Patient Loyalty: We all know that it is twice as expensive to get a new patient than retain a current one. With that in mind, it is important that you keep you patients happy between visits and new hearing aid purchases. The goal is to stay on the top of their mind so when it comes time to make a new purchase they will never want to go anywhere else.

  • Referrals: ‘How can we set our office apart?’ Acquiring new patients is on the top of every practitioner’s mind. With so many options for your potential patients to choose from, how can you make sure they are choosing you? Again, rewards is the answer. When patients are able to receive an incentive they really want for bringing in their friends or family members they will be much more motivated to follow through!

The Audiology Approach:

  • Your Model: Audiology practices are new comers to rewards but we have seen them flourish. The most common model used in audiology is Coffee Shop rewards. Your patients will  be motivated to keep routine visits and to choose your practice for future purchases and non-routine visits all in one.

  • Your Rewards: In an audiology practice we suggest rewarding patients with In-office Products and Services or Instant Redemptions (Amazon/Tango gift cards). The patient demographic in your office will respond best to rewards that give them the ability to get the things they need to purchase for free and to get gift cards towards the places they love to in everyday life.

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