Why Start An Enterprise Practice Or Hospital Rewards Program

Your practice or health care system needs a very different program from the run-of-the-mill retail practice. After years of experience and collaborations, we have formulated the most effective rewards program templates for you.  From Post Acute Care to Primary Care, and Population Health Management Systems, we’ll help you strategically align the rewards you offer, with patients at risk.  We will do this using our one-of-a-kind risk stratification tool.

Your Program Will Focus On:

  • Overall Patient Compliance: The costs associated with patients not complying within their care plans are a burden for every practice. Rewards create a fun and interactive way to keep your patients on track so your business can flourish.

  • Post Acute Compliance: Whether you are looking for a program for your orthopedic, neurologic or other surgical based practice, ensuring that your patients engage with their treatment away from the office is essential.

  • Primary Care Patient Compliance: First, use our program to stratify the risk of your entire patient base based on the criteria you use in your system.  We will then set goals for each patient to improve according to the benchmarks they are required to meet to comply with all current and future MACRA regulations.

The Enterprise Approach:

  • Enterprise Administrative Control: With all of the business units you have to manage on a daily basis, we strive to empower you with useful analytics at your finger tips.  Once we have set up the program, you will be able to see the performance metrics you desire through the same technology we use to distribute communications with your patients.  The administrative dashboard is easy to use and also provides HIPAA compliant text and email capability.

  • Redemption Consulting: In a large practice, we suggest rewarding patients with a suite of options from which they can redeem.  Our system empowers your team with what they need to offer the biggest bang for the buck, which sometimes gets confusing.  Each of the members on our enterprise executive team has 10+ years of experience in the space, working with some of the biggest brands in the world.  Rest assured, your patients will be excited about the choices you deliver.

Are you an Enterprise Practice or Hospital System?

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