Patient Rewards

When dealing with patient rewards, one of our jobs here at BuzzyDoc is to think outside the box to create a practice buzz in your office. Not only do we want your patients doing what you tell them is healthy, but we want them doing it with a smile on their face! Just imagine how that could change the entire vibe in your office. Aren’t happy patients easier to work with? We think so…

An easy way, and our favorite way to increase engagement when patients are walking through your door is setting up a series of Spirit Days. We know they work, we’ve seen them work in hundreds of offices.

Spirit Days:
Spirit days are usually done every 6-8 weeks to help break up the everyday humdrum. Although it may seem silly, patients really see it as something to look forward to, and jump at the chance to participate.

If a patient shows up at school dressed in spirit gear for their after school appointment, you bet all their friends will want to know what’s going on. Think about how awesome your office will sound when they explain what it is, and the fact that they get rewards for doing it as well. Every kid is going to want to recommend to their parents that your office is the only one they want to see!

Spirit Weeks:
Spirit weeks are designed to create excitement in the office that patients will be talking about for months. A week long event like this once or twice a year will become a tradition in your office that spreads like wildfire.

Your office can take pictures each day and post them to social media; this will get people continuously checking in to see whats new and wanting to participate. If a patient doesn’t have an appointment that week, they can still take part by posting a photo on social media in their spirit gear and getting rewards points.

Spirit Day Ideas:

  • Neon Day
  • Christmas in July
  • Sports Day
  • Super Hero Day
  • Mis-Match Day
  • Halloween – Spooky Day
  • It’s Western Day Y’all
  • Pajama Day
  • Christmas – Ugly Sweater Day

Keep in mind that you can make any of these into an office contest by offering extra rewards points to the wackiest or most spirited getup.

Also, don’t forget about your staff; some of the best outfits we have seen came from staff members who couldn’t wait to get out of their scrubs.

If you need help with more ideas or how to kick off one of these events, just visit our BuzzyDoc Help Desk and we would be happy to assist you!