For Your Practice

  • What do we go over on a demo?
    Our demos are not just a sneak peak at how our software works but a complete exhibition of how the program can instantly fit into your practice. We get to know your business and show you an example of the way it has been implemented in a like-minded practice. We’ve seen that as the most effective way to mold BuzzyDoc to your business.

  • How does my staff get trained?
    Every client receives a customized set up for their software as well as training for their staff. BuzzyDoc is very easy to use, and there are built in training videos within the software. Many offices, especially in Orthodontics, enjoy creating contests and various promotions throughout the year and may need additional training, or help in creating additional reports. In this case, you may speak to your account manager about adding on customized planning, hands-on consulting and dedicated support for these projects.

  • What do my patients redeem for and how much does it cost me?
    We will work with you to decide what, and how much, to give back to your patients. This will be based on your goals, margin, budget, and objectives. In most medical industries, you will offer in-office products and services as rewards for your patients to redeem. In addition, Amazon and Tango e-gift cards are also an option based on a % back in points for every dollar spent or for completing a task.  The tasks and rewards you choose can be changed at any time as you see your practice’s need to evolve.

  • Does the software affect my SEO?
    The login page lives inside each practice’s website, where we direct patients to go when they are accessing their points. Each visit helps build traffic to your website which also improves your SEO ranking.

  • Is BuzzyDoc a secure site?
    BuzzyDoc is hosted on a completely secure software system that is not accessible by any visitor or non-authorized person. You can imagine it as being a one way in, no way out, type of format. When a client adds their banking information to their account inside BuzzyDoc, our system handles the transaction on our server and only leave a limited view-only version of their banking information on their account.

  • What is your privacy policy?
    All of our clients financial information is safe and we will not share it. More details on our privacy are currently available by request at

  • What if I need to cancel my BuzzyDoc service?
    We require a 60 day cancellation notice at the end of your agreement. Cancellation for BuzzyDoc’s monthly service is separate from the liability client’s owe to keep their payment for patients’ points current. All points must be paid for before termination and with the proper 60 day written notice for cancellation with BuzzyDoc. Any client’s refundable deposits into the BuzzyDoc bank will be refunded as credit towards monthly service fees.

  • How do I access the dedicated support team?
    Our support team can be reached at 1.888.696.4753 or email our support team at

  • Hospital or Enterprise?
    Our software works in any industry and we can customize to your needs. Please contact us so we can discuss the options for your business. Contact or call us at 1.888.696.4753, extension 700.

For Your Patients

  • How are points awarded?
    BuzzyDoc has two forms of software it offers its clients:

    • One application is built for the staff, we call this the Staff Portal. This is the software staff use to search for a patient, award points and redeem for practice products and services. It’s quick and easy and should only take about 4-5 seconds per patient.

    • The second application is our Patient Portal, where patients go to earn additional points by leaving recommendations on social sites for your practice, check their point balance and redeem points for Amazon and Tango.

  • What can patients earn rewards for?

    • In-House Products and Services: Patients can redeem the points they earn at your practice for products and services from your practice. You choose the products and services redeemable and we will assist in recommending what makes sense from a monetary perspective.

    • Amazon and Patients earn points at your office, and have the option to use those points to redeem for e-gift card codes from Amazon and Tango. Once a patient redeems their points for an e-gift card, an email is automatically sent to the patient with the code in the body of the email that they can use to get anything they want.

    • Other practices in the BuzzyDoc network: Patients points will accumulate in their BuzzyDoc account. If you approve network redemptions, they can only redeem their earned points for Amazon and gift codes and are not allowed to combine with points earned from any practice outside of your office. The advantage of doing this is to allow patients the flexibility of redeeming points earned at several offices for Amazon and with a single click, but excluding network-earned points from being spent on products and services at your competition’s office.

  • Who pays for the points and rewards?
    The practice where the points are earned. If points are earned by a patient from several different practices in the BuzzyDoc network, redemption charges will be based on where points were earned from (respectively).

  • How do I know if a patient redeems points?
    Your patients will receive an email, and you’ll be able to check their points history with the amount you’ve just added along with a date stamp to confirm successful processing.

  • Is rewarding patients legal?
    Yes, rewarding for good behavior and thanking patients for their loyalty is the main reason we went into business. We wanted to be the best rewards software company aware of the certain rules you need to be aware of before beginning your program. Rewarding patients for using services, purchasing products, following treatment instructions, and writing reviews is how a majority of our offices use the program. The major questions and concerns are usually related to rewarding patients for referrals. Offering rewards to a patient that is referred to your practice is completely legal under the Anti-Kickback Law. Offering cash rewards to the referee for referring a new patient, however, takes some thought and research and is one of the first things BuzzyDoc helps your team assess when configuring the program. There are state-by-state considerations you should make when including flat referrals for patients into your rewards programs and we’d be happy to go over how those work at any time.

  • What is the refund policy for patient redemptions?
    All point distributions and payments to BuzzyDoc are final with a no refund/return policy unless properly disputed and approved by our support desk at

  • What hours is support available to my patients?
    We are always available 24/7 for customer service email requests at and available from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST hours at (888) 696-4753.

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