At BuzzyDoc Patient Rewards, we are striving to make the changes that will turn your everyday responsibilities in the practice into a breeze. When our clients come to us with questions, we take that opportunity to learn and build an even better product.

Whether we are manning the phones or visiting offices to see how things are running; we pride ourselves on providing communication channels that go both ways so no valuable information falls through the cracks. We know that things are constantly changing for your office and the healthcare industry so it is our responsibility keep up with the standards.

One of the great tools we use to help us with this is UserVoice. UserVoice provides a separate Help Desk to both patients and practices with their own Knowledge Base Articles, Contact Support options, and Feedback Forums to improve BuzzyDoc. If you have a question about patient rewards, chances are, it’s already been answered on your Help Desk. If it hasn’t, we just see it as another great possibility to teach. The Help Desk will also give you a chance to voice your opinion on what new features or updates your office wants to see from us. We listen to your feedback and it’s what keeps us excited about the future of our development projects.

By maintaining this level of communication, BuzzyDoc will continue to make your everyday usage experience easier and save you time.

And in the end, isn’t that what we all want?