Orthodontic Rewards Software

Patient rewards software, and so much more. BuzzyDoc’s orthodontic rewards makes it simple to get your patients to accomplish their day-to-day tasks, and simple to organize everything else you need.

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Learn About Optional Premium Features for Patient Rewards

A fully integrated tool that allows practices to automatically send requests to patients for a review of their last appointment experience.  If the review was high enough, the patient will have the opportunity to share their positive experience to Facebook.com, Plus.Google.com, Healthgrades.com, Yelp.com, RateMDs.com and more!

Express Gifts allows practice staff to send Gift Cards, e-Gift Cards, Coupons and more without forcing the patient to accumulate points or redeem.
*NEW* BuzzyDoc has integrated with the nations top florists to enable your practice with a way to send flowers to patients and referring doctors to thank them in a very new and exciting way.  Managers do not have to hand a credit card out in the office in order for staff to send their gratification.  If BuzzyDoc’s new order confirmation system is turned on (optional), the designated manager will receive a confirmation text/email before the gift is sent out.

Successful practices will tell you that word-of-mouth is the best way to grow your business.  This premium feature enables you to keep track of your referrals and automatically enter them into tiers that come with perks only they can receive.  Don’t force your team to run reports in a complicated practice management system or EMR in order to figure out if a patient has made 2, 3, 4, or even 5 referrals last year.  Let BuzzyDoc make referring easy and reward your patients for helping your practice grow.

Patients want to use all you have to offer from one place.  Don’t make them download an app if all they should have to do is visit your website and login.  Also, driving all of your patients to your website will boost your SEO.  Imagine if you had a reason for hundreds of patients to visit your website every single month…  With widgets like the referrals widget and the patient portal login widget, your patients are easily able to use the BuzzyDoc rewards program in an easy, user friendly way.

BuzzyDoc is fortunate to have the most active user base in healthcare and we listen!  If you would like to hear more of what BuzzyDoc has coming down the pipe, reach out to our sales team!

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We Configure BuzzyDoc For Your Orthodontic Practice

Your orthodontic office needs a different program from the practice down the street. After years of experience and collaboration with local doctors, we have formulated the most effective way to run rewards programs. Our system will allow for easy implementation while still delivering on all the areas that are most important to your office.

Your Orthodontic Program Will Focus On:

  • Patient Compliance: The overhead costs associated with patients not complying with their treatment plans are a burden for every office. Rewards create a fun and interactive way to keep your patients on track so your office can flourish. Good oral hygiene, no broken brackets and wearing elastic rubber bands all lead to on time or even shortened treatment length.

  • Referrals: ‘How can we set our office apart?’ New patient starts are on the top of every orthodontist’s mind. With so many options for your potential patients to choose from, how can you make sure they are choosing you? Again, rewards is the answer. When prospectives hit your site for the first time or come in for that initial consultation the lure of earning something back for the money they have already decided to spend will present an added bonus. Who would you choose, the practice with rewards or without?!

The Orthodontic Approach:

  • Your Model: We have found that typical orthodontic practices do best with the Coffee Shop rewards program approach. When you want young patients to listen to you, it is much better if they have a goal in mind they are trying to achieve. Each time a patient comes into your office and completes all the behaviors you desire of them (on time for their appointment, no broken brackets, good oral hygiene, etc) they have completed a ‘Perfect Visit’. After 5 ‘Perfect Visits’, the patient gets 500 points ($10). Issuing points this way is much more impactful rather than rewarding the patient each time they come into your office.

  • Your Rewards: In an Orthodontic practice, we suggest rewarding patients with our Instant Redemptions (Amazon/Tango Gift Card) option. The younger patient demographic in your office will respond best to the immediate gratification and expansive prize selections.

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