The longer you have BuzzyDoc at your office the more you’ll start feeling like a rewards guru! From listening to patients’ feedback and experimenting, you could come up with fresh ideas to change patient behavior, but not everyone has the time for that. Thinking of new ways to get patients more involved in their treatment and figuring out what your practice is missing can become time consuming. Chances are high that you and your staff don’t even have time to eat lunch, let alone brainstorm rewards ideas during your busy day.

So, how can you ensure that you’re using your patient rewards program to its full potential? Rather than taking on all the responsibility yourself, you could allow us to be the experts and teach you how to get rewards to do all the work…

Throughout this article, we’ll look at a few new ideas for promotions that can help with some of the biggest issues your office faces and improve your systems in the simplest of ways.


Problem 1: Hectic Front Desk

Most offices know the pain of a busy front desk. The phones won’t stop ringing long enough to help the patients waiting to be checked in or out; how can you use patient rewards to alleviate this?


  • Off-Peak Hours Appointment Bonus Points Offering points to patients who schedule visits during off-peak hours can relieve pressure in several ways. It cuts down on patient wait times, makes for a less crowded office, and allows for the doctor to spend more quality time with each individual. So, have your patients set up their next appointment during your office’s slower hours and give them some points to say thanks!
  • Online Scheduling and Questions Offering points to patients who schedule appointments and ask simple questions online rather than over the phone is a great idea! You will be surprised at how much time this will save, especially when phones are ringing off the hook and staff are already working at full capacity.

Problem 2: New Patient Traffic

With so many choices in a 5 mile radius, how can you ensure that all the prospective new patients choose to set up an appointment at YOUR office?


  • New Patient or First Time Visit When patients are looking for a new doctor, we all know the first thing they do is go online. If your office is offering an incentive, or points, highlighted on your website for new patients, they will be much more likely to schedule with you over any others. Showcasing your BuzzyDoc patient rewards program like this is the perfect way to set your practice apart from the others!

Problem 3: Preventative Health Care and Treatment Plans

Making patients understand the importance of looking after themselves is difficult; how can you create an effective fix?


  • Patient Logbook When a patient is set up on a treatment regime, or even an everyday task like flossing,  it is sometimes impossible to make them follow through with it. Offering points for keeping a dated logbook to show they are keeping up with the plan you outlined is a great solution.
  • ‘5 Facts’ Quizzes are never fun unless you are earning rewards points for them! Offer points to a patient who can knock out 5 health related facts during their office visit. These can be from informational health brochures in waiting area, exam room posters, or just something they researched on their own. This is a quick and interactive way your patients can earn points while engaging in their health.


Let’s face it, growing a successful practice is not something that comes easily to most people. We wanted to provide ideas that will improve your office’s everyday functionality while still being customizable to fit your needs.

Your patient rewards program is an important tool that will not only help your office better connect with patients, but also build a better business.